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The art of letting go

Always I wait to write a blog till an inspiration will come. I was wondering what I am going to write about this month. And here it is.

Few days ago I was very much involved emotionally in helping and supporting my friend to get a job which fits exactly what she loves to do. The goal was on the horizon, visible, you could almost touch it …

I had a very vivid image in my mind of her achieving that goal and having a job which will bring her a satisfaction. I was so sure that this was an ideal match, I could feel it. Her goal and that job. In a short time some big obstacles showed up and my friend felt that there was no other way, but to change the course of her journey for now; to put everything about that goal aside, for later …

I tried to suggest different options, solutions, thinking out of the box, and wanting badly for her to succeed. I just couldn’t understand why she decided to not pursue that goal; especially that she was far on her way to achieve it. Almost there …

At first, I didn’t see it, as nobody can see the whole picture better than the person whose that journey is. I meditated on it and suddenly it hit me. There is nothing wrong with her decision. It is me who has to “let it go”. It was my vision, not hers and it was me who felt that timing was good, not her. I could almost hear: “Let it go”.

I am thankful for that lesson. We go through our life believing that what we see is a reality, but the truth is that it is our reality, not somebody else. By learning the art of letting go, we accept that there can be other way, other path to choose, in our or somebody’s journey.

The Launch

Bell Rock - meditation and relaxation

Bell Rock

I am so excited!  Sedona Vortex guided meditation DVD is done!

Just for the record – Sedona is located in Arizona, USA. There are several big vortexes of a universal energy in the Sedona area. Four main vortexes are: the Cathedral Rock Vortex, the Boynton Canyon Vortex, the Airport Vortex, and the Bell Rock; the strongest one where I did my guided meditation. Continue reading

In the Making

I am working right now on my DVD “Sedona Vortex guided meditation” which I recorded at the Bell Rock vortex in Sedona this November. I am creating this DVD thinking

Bell Rock - meditation and relaxation

Bell Rock

about all people who cannot go there, but want to experience the beautiful universal energy of that vortex.

There are two parts to it. The first one is “Discovering the Sedona Vortex (Bell Rock)”. I have video-recorded the path all the way up from the parking lot to Bell Rock. When you are watching it you walk up close to the top of Bell Rock and after that you know how it is there even without experiencing it in person. Continue reading

Arizona, the journey into the universal energy vortex in Sedona, Nov 2nd, 2015

I am sitting on a patio watching rapid weather changes and looking for an inspiration for my guided meditation which I will be recording in a few days at the Sedona’s Bell Rock Vortex.

It is amazing how weather and nature is different here, in the Arizona desert, but when you look around you can find beauty everywhere. Huge Saguaro cacti giving a shelter to many birds; small trees and shrubs so different from our Canadian maple tree with a green bark covering branches and trunks to compensate lack of typical leaves. The richness of shapes; shades of green, grey, and brown; the beauty of sunrises and sunsets.

To me it looks like November here is the month of many birds singing, greener nature, and blooming flowers. By the way, I was told that birds are singing here most of the year.

Every day I can see butterflies and hummingbirds visiting blooming flowers. I even witnessed how a humming bird was trying to compete with a honeybee for an access to beautifully blooming flower. The honeybee won.

When I think about surroundings of the Bell Rock in Sedona, first thing which comes to my mind is power of the land; the power which is hidden in the stark beauty of nature, amazinBell Rock Sedona - meditation and relaxationg look of majestic geological formations. It is one of a kind experience to watch a sunset light painting those red rocks in golden colours; painting a picture out of this world with a giant brush.

When you are in Sedona, you can feel that it is a special place, even not knowing why; brimming with the universal energy from all four vortexes located in the area.  It is like a magical place and it is hard not to be influenced by its mystic beauty. People are flocking to Sedona and some of them are even unaware of vortexes and do not know why they love to be there. When I was in Sedona, two years ago, on a quest to visit and experience all four vortexes, I tried to find out how to get to each of them and I have learned with a surprise that a lot of people didn’t know where these vortexes are.

And now I feel like I am closing the circle which I have started with my quest two years ago. I did visit all four vortexes, but it felt at that time like unfinished business, so to speak. And now, when I am getting ready for my guided meditation at the Bell Rock Vortex, I can feel that this is a missing final step of my quest. And in two days it will be finished.

The guided meditation “Sedona, the journey into the vortex” will be born.

I hope that the energy of the Vortex will inspire me and I will be successful in creating a beautiful meditation. The meditation in which I will guide you through an experience of the journey into the Bell Rock energy vortex. Through this meditation you will be given an opportunity to enjoy being there and the energy of the Vortex.

I cannot wait to be able to offer this opportunity to you!

Are you connected with nature?

Summer is almost coming to an end. You can hear it in different sounds of insects, the smell of the air, and colour of the sky.Racoon Rose Garden

Almost every Saturday starting May 23rd we have a guided meditation in the park and I am planning to keep it that way till the cold weather will prevent us from doing it. The name of this meditation is ‘Connect with Mother Nature’. It was started by me on a spur of a moment. A flash of an idea and immediate decision. Continue reading