My journey

Jolanta Dabrowski, MSc.Jolanta Dabrowski MSc

Jolanta Dabrowski is a Reiki Master Teacher, a Reiki drumming practitioner. Also as a hypnotist, she specialize in  regressive hypnosis including past life regression and  spiritual hypnosis.

She started practicing Therapeutic Touch in 2008 and became a Therapeutic Touch Recognized Practitioner in 2012. Since 2012 she focused her energy on Reiki and in 2015 she received her Reiki Master Teacher certificate. Also in 2012 she went through intensive transformational speaker and coach training with Christopher Howard, world renowned expert in both subjects, the owner of The Academy of Wealth. She received a formal training in hypnosis in 2012 at the National Guild of Hypnotists. The same year, after receiving the basic training in hypnosis, she went through an additional training in advanced regression, past life regression and stress reduction hypnosis with Mottin and Johnson Institute located in U.S. Ever since then, Jolanta started her journey of specializing in the past life regression and  spiritual hypnosis.

She has several years of experience helping adults find a new, healthier path in their lives. Jolanta works with her clients on a wide range of issues; her main focus is on helping them to achieve personal growth and balance on all levels in their body, mind, and spirit.

Jolanta offers one-on-one sessions in person and online.  Her main practice is at GG Wellness Centre in London, Ontario. The online sessions are usually done on ZOOM.

Jolanta’s philosophy

Always, as far as I can reach back in my memories, I was seeking a refuge in nature during tough and stressful times; to recharge and re-balance.  Even as a little girl I loved being out there, observing different animals, their daily life, and being able to sit against the tree trunk, breathing deeply and listening to the sounds of nature. I didn’t consider at that time why wiggling my toes in the sand at the beach, or touching the warm soil in the garden was so relaxing. I only knew that I felt more complete and happy being in that environment.

Children do not analyze these kinds of things; they accept them as they are. As an adult I finally understand the teachings from that time.

Animals and nature as a whole, live in the “Now”. They do not dwell on the past or are engrossed in dreams and worries about the future. All joy, fears, and wisdom are about their immediate life.

We are more complicated than that. A large part of our mind lives in the past, a smaller part lives in the future and a tiny part in the “Now”. Usually we carry a burden of some traumatic experiences that are remembered or long forgotten. And we worry about what the future will bring. Often there is just a little bit of energy left in us to get through the day.

The more “civilized” we are the further we are disconnected from what is really important in life. We need to relearn how to relax and re-balance, to hear our inner Guide. This would help us see a clearer path towards achieving our goals in life.

Also more often we ask “What is my purpose? Why am I here?” Answering these questions will help us to understand our Journey and what we are supposed to learn.

Every person is unique and has different needs. It cannot be expected that somebody will present a miraculous solution. And of course this change is not going to happen by itself. It will be you who will achieve your real goal which will help you to live in the present moment. And it is always good to know that you can have a guide who can help you on your journey…