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Take Time to Smell the Roses

Probably you are familiar with an old saying ‘Stop and smell the roses’ …clouds smell the roses

One day, weather started to change and when I walked out of the building I saw an amazing artwork in the sky – grey clouds darker and lighter painted with bold strokes. They were just hanging out there. It looked like a giant artist decided that the sky will be a great canvas Continue reading

Are you connected with nature?

Summer is almost coming to an end. You can hear it in different sounds of insects, the smell of the air, and colour of the sky.Racoon Rose Garden

Almost every Saturday starting May 23rd we have a guided meditation in the park and I am planning to keep it that way till the cold weather will prevent us from doing it. The name of this meditation is ‘Connect with Mother Nature’. It was started by me on a spur of a moment. A flash of an idea and immediate decision. Continue reading

Meditation in a park ‘Connect with Mother Nature’

Ah, what a bliss! Last Saturday we had a beautiful weather. Mother Nature was very generous. And energy of oneness with the surrounding nature was amazing.

When we look up at the end of our meditation we can see the uniqueness and harmony of branches and even leaves of the tree above us. The bounty of colours; so many shades of green. sounds of birds talking, the fragrance of surrounding plants and earth… All of it is like a symphony of life.

What a great way of starting weekend; energized, focused, grounded, and relaxed at the same time. I cannot wait till the next one!

Connecting with Mother Nature

We are running faster and faster to gather more and more material goods. Stuff – newer gadgets, faster electronics, cars, houses, you name it. We exercise, eat healthy, drink clean water, even meditate to achieve better health, but there is something missing in the equation. Something very important. Continue reading

Springtime and rebirth reflections

Did you wash your windows, after winter, on a warmer day lately? spring2015

How did you feel after that? It was not only about your tired muscles or satisfaction from a job well done, but there was something more, like a ritual, discarding an old shell and starting anew. A symbol of a new beginning after the end of the Cycle.

There can be so much more under the name ‘spring cleaning’. The energy of it is similar to a de-cluttering. The process of discarding used up energy which blocks a flow of a new and fresh one. You can almost feel a change in the air.