Are you connected with nature?

Summer is almost coming to an end. You can hear it in different sounds of insects, the smell of the air, and colour of the sky.Racoon Rose Garden

Almost every Saturday starting May 23rd we have a guided meditation in the park and I am planning to keep it that way till the cold weather will prevent us from doing it. The name of this meditation is ‘Connect with Mother Nature’. It was started by me on a spur of a moment. A flash of an idea and immediate decision. As I teach during my workshops to follow our intuition, this faint inner voice, to do something even if it is out of our norm or silly, it is usually the best choice for our wellbeing. I strongly believe that we will be happier, more fulfilled in our life doing just that – following our intuition, our dream. And the dream is born very often from the tiny seed of intuition telling us that this is the path which we want to follow.

And now when I look back at my decision to start this free event where everybody is welcome, I can see the rightness of it.  It was born on one day of April, when it was still cold and snow was sitting here and there. So much joy for everybody who participates! The opportunity to slow down and get in touch with our essence; with the realization that we are part of the nature, strongly connected, but so often neglecting this part of us or even denying its existence. By cutting ourselves from this life giving source, we struggle to re-balance and ground ourselves properly. Are you familiar with ‘recharging batteries’ by going to the park, digging in the garden, or hiking? We need this not only for a beauty which is offered freely to us by nature, but also to revitalize and re-energize our body, mind, and even spirit.

When we are in the park doing our meditation under the old oak tree, focusing on our breath, feeling the grass beneath us, listening to sounds of nature, smelling its fragrance, we are able to slow down, to be in the present moment. What a beautiful feeling! Melting away, drifting, and at the same time knowing that all of us is in this moment; our body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

Say ‘Hello’ to the New You.