The Launch

Bell Rock - meditation and relaxation

Bell Rock

I am so excited!  Sedona Vortex guided meditation DVD is done!

Just for the record – Sedona is located in Arizona, USA. There are several big vortexes of a universal energy in the Sedona area. Four main vortexes are: the Cathedral Rock Vortex, the Boynton Canyon Vortex, the Airport Vortex, and the Bell Rock; the strongest one where I did my guided meditation.

I know that Christmas is almost upon us and it is very late with a launch of a new product, but so be it. It is a very important achievement for me; the meditation at the Sedona Vortex available for everybody who wants to experience it, but was not there yet, or will be not able to visit that amazing place ever.

I had a reason to make my guided meditation as a DVD. I have heard so many times from a different people that they want to visit Sedona and experience its mystic beauty and the energy emanating from several vortexes in the area. But a lot of times life circumstances were preventing them from going there. Lately I even heard from one person that this destination is on her “bucket list”. And now it is available to everybody; to see a glimpse of majestic Bell Rock and experience its vortex energy. The good news is that you do not need to wait to start your “bucket list” and you can have a “taste” how it is during that meditation.

It is fairly important to see the first part “Discovering the Sedona Vortex” before turning on the second part “In the Vortex”. Especially for the first time viewer it is important to understand an atmosphere of the surroundings. It is so much easier after watching it to get into a proper mood for this special guided meditation.

Albedo Video Productions did an amazing job! I provided a video and they worked their magic with that material. Thank you, thank you!

It is my second DVD with a meditation. The first one was done some time ago, but is not released yet as I am planning to do some changes in an audio part. It is a guided meditation during a beautiful sunset on a summer evening at Lake Huron, Ontario, Canada. It is an excellent meditation on a long winter evening when we are longing for a warm weather and relaxing at the beach.