New Year resolution

What is my New Year resolution?

Public speaking

Presenting in front of the group

To be a fearless speaker!  Here, I just said that and now I will keep myself accountable to not let go of any opportunity to do a public speech or presentation. I have so much to share, to motivate, to help with moving forward!

It feels like time is speeding up. Now it is almost February and we can remember vividly a New Year celebration with a green grass sprinkled with snow here and there. We live not day by day, but week by week now. Do you feel it in the air? Changes are happening much faster now, especially with an access to the internet.

It is amazing how, if you focus your mind on something, opportunities are starting to show up like shooting stars! You just need to be fast enough to recognize them for what they are and catch them in time.

We are talking here about the Law of Attraction.

If you are miserable and focused on bad things, they are starting to show up one after another. The same phenomenon happens when you are focused on something which you want to achieve badly enough that you have no doubt, you are very clear about what you want, and you stay positive regardless of the situation you are in. It can be tough sometimes, but miracles are waiting to happen. If you waver in your positive thinking, the process will slow down and things which you do not want in your life, but you think about them, will start showing up.

Stay focused and positive, even if the storm is raging around you.