The power within

The Lioness Within

The power within

What is this ‘power within’? When I felt a need to offer a workshop ‘The Lioness Within’, I was not sure about details, but I knew that it is an important subject to address. Every person has an inner power, the energy pushing us forward to action and the ability of understanding our worth. But through centuries expectations from society and the way of our upbringing helped us to forget about how important it is for our well-being to recognize and accept that power within.

The model of what is best for us was skewed by needs of society; what kind of a worker, a husband, a wife, and even a student you are supposed to be. There was not a lot of freedom of choice; if you wanted to be a ‘good boy’ or a ‘good girl’ you were fulfilling the society expectancy. Everybody who was trying to be different was labeled a rebel and was frowned upon by the society.

You could have your own style, yes, but only in the boundaries of what was expected from you.  Especially from the time of industrial revolution schools were expected to produce good workers for factories;  to push forward the need of material goods. More stuff, newer, smarter, which supposed to make us happier.

Maybe it is strange that I am talking about that now, but this is part of the problem. We are not supposed to be just good, productive workers during our life who are surrounded by more toys or gadgets. There is more to our lives than that. But we forgot why we are here on this journey. It is so easy to believe in the illusion of our great need of stuff.

We often wonder why we feel that something is missing and we try to find happiness like some kind of mythical animal.  And the big part of being happy is rediscovering our inner power. When we can feel it, understand it, and accept it, we are much happier with our life.  As we know at that point that there is no barriers which can stop us to achieve whatever we want. That it is in our power to go in whichever direction we desire. It is our choice.

It is time to awake; to understand that every one of us can reconnect with our power within and believe in it.

And you can roar …