In the Making

I am working right now on my DVD “Sedona Vortex guided meditation” which I recorded at the Bell Rock vortex in Sedona this November. I am creating this DVD thinking

Bell Rock - meditation and relaxation

Bell Rock

about all people who cannot go there, but want to experience the beautiful universal energy of that vortex.

There are two parts to it. The first one is “Discovering the Sedona Vortex (Bell Rock)”. I have video-recorded the path all the way up from the parking lot to Bell Rock. When you are watching it you walk up close to the top of Bell Rock and after that you know how it is there even without experiencing it in person.

In the second part of the DVD you participate in a guided meditation “In the Vortex” close to the top of Bell Rock. When being there you experience a beauty of a universal energy of that strongest vortex in Sedona.

I hope to have it ready for sale just before Christmas as it will make a beautiful gift. But there is not a lot of time left and the production of that kind of DVD takes time …

It is interesting how I feel energized just looking at the video and listening to the description about that place – yesterday when I was preparing a narration and after that I was recording the audio when “walking the path” (watching the recorded walk to the Bell Rock’s top), I could feel so much exhilaration and boost of energy that I have worked on it for long hours without even being tired.

I didn’t expect it, but if everything is energy and we can do Reiki healing on distance why not to feel the universal energy of the Bell Rock vortex in a similar way? Today I am working on the meditation part of the DVD with the producer. And it is so exciting to see an almost final product.

I will have a short promo for YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. How exciting!