Connecting with interesting people

A week ago I went on an exhilarating adventure of sharing my knowledge about our inner Journey at the Spiritual Expo in London, Ontario. It was my first time at the Expo as a speaker and vendor.

My presentation was about a phenomenon of the past life regression. It was so heartwarming to see how many people came to listen and participate in a short session. After the session there was still time for a discussion. Some people wanted to share their experience; others wanted to understand better what they just “saw”. I was so excited to talk to a large group of people who wanted to understand their path in this Journey. It was so rewarding to see in some participants’ eyes a wonder and in others’ “aha” moment of understanding.

And also there was a nice size crowd visiting vendor tables. I had a great time talking to some of them before and after my presentation. This kind of event is only one time per year, here in London, but the atmosphere of it, the energy, was so great that I know that I will be back next year. Time well spend!