Your inner wisdom …

Lately, I am experiencing a shift of the energy within me and an understanding what is my purpose in this Journey is like a laser beam narrowing to the point which will be very clear soon.

I do not really believe in a coincidence and yesterday something important happened. I went through an “Aha” moment when Paula Morand, well known Canadian speaker and business consultant, out of the blue advised me how I need to explain what my business message is in a nutshell. During a networking meeting after listening to my explanation how I help people, she told me: “Jolanta, you are their inner wisdom expert”.

And it hit me, this is what I am doing lately, guiding my clients during the session towards a discovery of inner knowledge, what their inner-self knows the best all the time, always there, hidden. The wisdom which everyone posses, but is not aware of it.

Very often we call it a “gut feeling”, an instinct. In our modern, materialistic society we prefer to follow logic instead and we push down or ignore the inner wisdom.

The time is coming for you to learn how great you are. Just let’s do it! Unlock your inner wisdom to have a happier life.