Conversation about what Therapeutic Touch is

The seven part series about Therapeutic Touch “Conversation about what Therapeutic Touch is” is done and ready for viewing. I am so happy and proud of our achievement!

It took a little bit longer to edit the raw footage than I was planning, but I wanted to be sure that the most important information will be properly included. It took several months to work closely with Albedo Video Production as I couldn’t do it in a one session. It was a busy period of time for me.

But now I am happy to invite you to view my YouTube channel to watch these short videos. They are done as a conversation between three Therapeutic Touch practitioners from London, OntarioJitka M retreat 2015 area. The purpose of the series was to bring closer to people and promote this beautiful energy healing technique.

This series is especially close to my heart as my teacher and mentor, Jitka Malec who helped me to achieve the goal of making this video about Therapeutic Touch, died last month, in July of 2016. I dedicate this series to her.