Meeting your inner guides

During this workshop our goal is to learn about our inner guides and how to meet them. We will relearn how to hear them. They are always with us, but very often we do not want to listen to the inner voice, gut feeling, or our intuition.

Our life is too busy to stop for a moment to really listen what our inner voice is telling us. A lot of times we are not sure which decision is the best, which direction to go. And all this information is in us. Our ancestors knew it and had no problem connecting with their inner voice. They lived by it, it was vital for their survival. And I am not talking here about animal instinct, but the intuition.

In our modern times the intuition is not very popular. Most of people will tell you that your thoughts have to be rational, logical ones. And look around. How many unhappy, stressed out people there are. Chasing after material things, forgetting about emotional and spiritual side of their being. Trying to fit into the technocratic machine of our society. ‘The more you produce, the better you are’. Where is the feeling of belonging to the nature around you, the feeling of oneness with yourself; not only as a body?

Reconnecting with your inner guides during this workshop will allow you to improve your life or even transform it. It can be a very powerful experience.