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In the memory of Petey, my dear friend from Pine Valley Animal Clinic. He was discarded by the owners, old, deaf, blind, and with several health issues. Petey was brought to the Pine Valley Animal Clinic for euthanasia. At that point he became a residential cat rescued by a wonderful veterinarian, Dr. Yelen. Every time when I was visiting the Clinic to give a free Reiki session to the Clinic’s patients, he was offering me wonderful moments of friendship. He was the cat with an amazing beauty within.



 Animal Wellness

Milly and birdie







Is your animal friend under a lot of stress lately?
Does your animal friend have a visit to the vet or surgery?

At the vet clinic

Energy healing for animals such as Reiki or Therapeutic Touch is a noninvasive way of improving their life. When animals feel unwell, this kind of treatment is very beneficial to them, same as for people. It is a natural way to improve the function of the immune system and the body.

Energy healing is used successfully before surgery; it calms the patient making the experience of surgery less traumatic. Also when used after the operation it helps to improve the healing process cutting the time of recuperation.

Also energy healing can be used in other situations: adjustment to the new place, trauma of transportation, post traumatic stress disorder, nervousness, and depression. It is a gentle way of helping the suffering who is not able to explain to us, humans, what the problem is.

I offer energy healing to all animals; large and small, domesticated or wild. I have several years of experience in helping horses, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, different kinds of birds; even goats and rats.

Goats love Reiki

Goats love Reiki

Enjoying Reiki together

Enjoying Reiki together



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Testimonial  РBow Reiki healing



Jolanta is a very caring healer that I would highly recommend.
Recently our Lab, Bow was in medical distress.
We were told we could put him down or take him immediately to the Ontario Veterinary College, which we did. We had to leave him there to have surgery.
Bow did not show immediate recovery and required several days in ICU.

I was not familiar with Jolanta, but had her card.
I sent her an email explaining the situation and asked if she did any distance healing. I knew Bow would be feeling abandoned, and wondering what was happening.
The following day I received a follow up email explaining that Jolanta had not got the message until late. She explained that she felt the situation had some urgency and that she went ahead with the healing.  Jolanta advised that since we had not discussed the cost, she had done the healing for free. She advised if I chose to do another healing, she would be happy to do it.

She was concerned for Bow and wondered how he was doing, and asked if I would update her as to his progress.

I did arrange for another session, which was done by Skype when Bow was home She tuned in to his energy, and did some balancing and sent healing energy. Bow laid down, and remained very relaxed throughout the session.

She also advised that I would also receive benefits from the energy by staying in the room, and encouraged me to sit back and relax. She was aware of the stress this situation had caused me. Following the session I felt calm and relaxed After the session Jolanta was able to provide information and feedback, which validated she was truly in tune with us. She does know what she is doing.

I certainly saw improvement with Bows healing after the session.
I am confident the work Jolanta did helped Bows healing process.

Laurie D