Success Stories

From Jolanta’s clients

With so many transitions happening in my life, I felt like I had too many thoughts, ideas and emotions in my head that I had no clarity or peace to reason with them. I found Jolanta through Facebook and I contacted her for an appointment for Therapeutic Touch or Reiki. I was unsure what I needed and she assured me that my body would let me know what it needs in this time. Jolanta is so intuitive and in tune with what I was experiencing that I didn’t really need to explain very much. I felt lighter, clearer and so much more grounded after my first session with her – I continue to see her now for different services and she is so wonderful to work with. She is so genuine and extremely authentic in her work and I always feel very cared for and safe in personal sessions as well as group workshops. Feeling comfortable is important and it allows you to be able to completely let go and embrace the experience. I can truly say that Jolanta is so gifted and talented in her abilities. You can feel she cares deeply for her clients and believes so much in the well-being and facilitation of our healing. I highly recommend Jolanta for assisting you in simply living a healthier life that is filled with peace, clarity and joy.
Vanessa D.

It was surprising that in a crowded room with many people talking, that once I lay down on the table and was covered by the blanket, I could totally relax as I could hear the gentle music that Jolanta had playing just close to my ears. I felt warm in several spots in my body as she worked on that area with her hands just inches above me. Reiki is definitely a beautiful form of massage and I look forward to a full treatment session in her office.
Susan W.

I had several Therapeutic Touch therapy sessions after my surgery to repair my Achilles. With this help, my recuperation time was reduced by three weeks. The doctors were very pleased with my speedy recovery. I truly believe that touch therapy helped immensely. Thank you so much Jolanta.
Louise Griffith

About Connect with Mother Nature guided meditation:
First I must say “Thank You Jolanta!” This morning was amazing, a gift, and I am so glad I showed up and was “present”! I had a huge “release” during this morning session with you. Just you, me and nature! I left feeling more grounded and less burdened. I am grateful we connected and you are in my life! Thank you for taking the time out of your day to bless me with this experience! (and thank you for teaching me to look UP, how beautiful it was…….)
Tina Van Eldik, London, ON

Jolanta Dabrowski treats her clients with respect and utmost care. Jolanta treated me using hypnosis and Reiki on two occasions, and I highly recommend her services. She is professional, skilled and shows great compassion for her clientele.
Pam W.C.

I would recommend Jolanta for Therapeutic Touch. She has the magic energy which radiates the room you walk in. When I am finished the session, I feel so grounded and light as a feather. When it comes to Hypnosis, Jolanta’s voice is so warm and soothing. I have had many sessions on Hypnosis and Therapeutic Touch with Jolanta. Thanks for helping me feel like me again… much appreciated.
Dianne B., London, ON

Jolanta treated me for pain and swelling in my legs with Therapeutic Touch. During each session I felt tingling in my legs and things started moving which helped my circulation issues as well. I felt very relaxed and was able to sit still during the treatments with a quiet mind which is something I have a hard time with. My little dog Petey stole some of the healing energy during my treatment and became so relaxed he fell off the chair onto the floor. A testimony that this healing works for animals as well as people!
Sherry Lynn, Ilderton, ON

I have always had a fear of large crowds and being in tight quarters. After several sessions of hypnosis, I am able to stay calmer and stay cool while being in large crowds. I am still working on being in tight quarters but I know I can overcome this problem with hypnosis by Jolanta. Thank you for getting me through some difficult times.
Louise Griffith

About Relax and Refocus – Journey into Your Inner Wisdom workshop:
What a great evening. Jolanta you are a gifted facilitator. Looking forward to more sessions. I am glad that each session is a stand alone so if anyone missed this first one they can join the next.
Elizabeth Galbraith, London ON

About Relax and Refocus – Journey into Your Inner Wisdom workshop:
This helped me so much to learn how to meditate. i will be repeating it because i missed one but each time will strengthen my ability. so much less anxiety attacks. face it we all need to meditate but never find the time, give yourself one hour a month to learn to be you.
Kira Radar, London, ON